Yokohama City, which connects Mumbai City and sister cities in India. In Sankei-en, Honmoku, Naka-ku, the Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore visited in 1916 and has a history of staying for two months. An organization that inherits Tagore’s desire to “birth of global citizens through coexistence with nature” is promoting Japan-India exchanges based in Honmoku.

The name of the organization is (one company) Japan-India Women’s Forum. It was launched by Tamiko Oba, who will be the representative in 2016. The number of members is about 50. With the common understanding of achieving the SDGs, we will carry out activities to connect businesses in Japan and India. On UN International Women’s Day in March last year, the “Japan-India Women’s SDGs Meeting” was held at Meiji Jingu in partnership with the Indian company “CodeTots”, which handles online education platforms. We disseminated the possibility of the Japan-India business incorporating the SDGs. This year, it is scheduled to be held in Yokohama.

For the next generation

In addition, we will focus on transmitting information to the next generation, such as visiting the official residences of university students and the Indian ambassador’s wife and interacting with each other. Mr. Oba says, “I would like to continue activities that will serve as a bridge between Japan and India from Honmoku to Yokohama and to the whole country.”


Haruka Sano

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