who we are

We're on a Mission to
Empower our learners to build future-ready skills

CodeTots is a values-driven Premium Live Online Coding Classes dedicated to empowering our current and future learners to learn coding .

CodeTots teaches using Japanese Methodology and connects peers from various cities and then the Magic happens!. 1:4 Group based activities and evaluation results in inculcating motivation, perseverance, self-control, and patience in students. Give us a call  for more information.

Radical Integrity

Our people truly care for our work and for each other.

People First

We believe that a culture will build a thriving company.

Process Perfection

We’re driven to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Why Choose Us

Our unique learning approach
empowers every child to:

• Work in teams and collaborate 70%
• Learn with like-minded peers 80%
• Get inspired from each other’s work and ideas 89%

George Land & Beth Jarman’s landmark NASA study identified that kids
peak in creativity at age 6, followed by a gradual decline as they
grow up.

Coding balances left and right brain, convergent and divergent thinking, to
enable peak creative expression. Kids learn logic and structure to command
tech tools and generate outcomes like games and apps.

Meet Our Team

Tamiko Obha

Tamiko Obha

CEO - Japan
Shreya Jaiswal

Shreya Jaiswal

Director - India Japan
Rk Jaiswal

Rk Jaiswal

COO - India
Yumi Horikoshi

Yumi Horikoshi

Corporate sustainability Leader