Inspiring Every Child to Code for a Cause

Age : 6 - 8 Years Old

You'll learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag & drop blocks. Create your own drawings and games.

Age : 9 - 11 Years Old

Build real working apps, games and websites using blocks, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more.

Age : 12 - 14 Years Old

Programs include coding, data, design & cybersecurity. Build real working apps, games and websites

Sustainable Development

Launching a global education programme that prepares our next generation to protect and conserve Nature.

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Helping kids bravely embrace technology by creating creative outcomes at every Class

Codetots introduces and prepares your kid from 6-14 years for this new coding world. 1:4 Group and 1:1 Individual Live  Sessions. In order to efficiently acquire practical programming skills, it is important to have fun doing what you want to do. CodeTots engineer teachers understand and support students’ learning desires.                                     

Curriculum Impact : 75% Improvement in Logic; 300% Enhancement in Concentration and Creativity + Responsible Citizen by Understanding SDGs Goal.

To make sure that future generations enjoy everything that we enjoy today, we need something called “sustainability” in most areas of our lives. Technology + Sustainability = Bright Future
Analytical thinking

Analysing different scenarios while developing games and apps

Design thinking

Imagining a virtual scenario and creating a digital equivalent

Computational thinking

Analysing complex problems and solutioning through coding

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Flexible Plans


Introduction to Coding
$ 300

  • Introduction to Coding
  • Concepts include Sequence, Algorithms, Event, Functions
  • Design your first Game / Animation
  • Course Duration: 1 Month
  • Prior knowledge: None
  • Just bring your curiosity!
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Foundation Building
$ 1300

    Students Will Design
  • Interactive Games
  • Mobile Application
  • Publishing App
  • AI Chatbot
  • Course Duration: 5 Month
  • Prior knowledge: None
  • Just bring your curiosity!
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Discovery Phase
$ 3000

    Students learn the application of coding, explore and design
  • Double Player Games
  • Advance App Design
  • Multi Page Web Development
  • Data Science & Data Analysis
  • Cybersecurity and Global Impacts
  • Course Duration : 12 Months
  • Prior knowledge: None
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Coding taught using japanese methodology

Why Learn With CodeTots

Coding is used in various places
  1. "Programs" run not only smartphones, games, and PCs that many people use, but also refrigerators, automobiles, electric meters, bank ATMs, and all kinds of other electronic devices.
    In future work, it is necessary to understand the program and proceed with the work, and to be able to write the program by yourself.
Coding most important skills for current generations to learn.

We are surrounded with electronic devices each running uncountable numbers of software that run on code of some kind. Our modern world is also heavily reliant on the internet with workforces being required to be more and more computer literate with each passing year.

Programming helps children learn to problem-solve

Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an appreciation of how things work. It also teaches them how software engineers use math in order to solve problems in a logical and creative way.The ability to solve problems is a trait that is useful in life in general. We all want our children to become excellent problem solvers so that they can overcome any adversity they face. Learning to code gives children the chance to learn this type of skill while they are young and it can help them along the way in life. 

Coding helps children learn how to have fun with Maths

Learning to program involves many skills including organizing and analyzing data. Children can grow their math skills while coding, without even realizing it. Using their logic and calculation skills while creating something of their own can make maths more engaging and fun.

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Emilia Clarke
The best way to get your children interested in coding. Enrolled 2 children with CodeTots. They are extremely happy!
Neelam Gupta
Emilia Clarke
I can clearly see that my child has improved alot with his logical thinking and abstract thinking. I would recommend you CodeTots Online Coding Classes.
Meenakshi Sharma
Content Creator
Emilia Clarke
I am satisfied with their teaching method and the attention they give to my kid. I would recommend every parent to go with CodeTots
Preeti Sinha