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Engineering Students JTIC Program
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We accompany and facilitate the change process with design methodology that is based on research, ideation, and co-creation and that leads to deeper tech learning aimed to realise SDGs

私たちcode tots プログラミング教育は、50カリキュラムにより、自分のプロジェクトを考え、社会、地球のために、アイデアを発表し、そして実現する 今こそ 地球に必要な子どもたちのプログラミング脳力を育成します。

Learn Japanese technology and acquire the ability to act on specific SDGs.

  We hope that you will play an active role as a leader in realizing the SDGs.

aimed at raising awareness among the younger generation about sustainable development goals through the use of technology.
Don't let them miss this experience where, through fun activities specially organized for their ages*, they will learn how to be more responsible and committed to the environment by applying modern coding tools.
『DeruDeru学院』は、日本とインドのブディズム精神による深いつながりを根底とし て、サスティナブルな地球文明を創造するリーダーとしてパートナーシップを組み、両国 のみならず地球市民としての役割りを発揮してもらう人財育成です。 "DeruDeru”とは、日本語の"でるでる”本来子どもたちに備わっている地球市民としての心 の眼を発芽させ、どうしたら幸福な国や地球が創れるかの哲学、技術を学び、実現する リーダを育成します。 日本の技術教育は、SDGsを実現する技術を伝えます。
Analytical thinking

Analysing different scenarios while developing games and apps

Design thinking

Imagining a virtual scenario and creating a digital equivalent

Computational thinking

Analysing complex problems and solutioning through programming

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Flexible Plans


to Coding

  • Introduction to Coding
  • Concepts include Sequence, Algorithms, Event, Functions
  • Design your first Game / Animation
  • Course Duration: 5 Months
  • Prior knowledge: None
  • Just bring your curiosity!
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Foundation Building

    Students Will Design
  • Interactive Games
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Designs
  • AI Chatbot
  • Data Science
  • App Publishing
  • AI Chatbot
  • Course Duration: 5 Months
  • Prior knowledge: None
  • Just bring your curiosity!
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Discovery Phase

  • Japanese spirit of innovation / craftsmanship Decision making process, language, communication, time frame and responsibilities
  • Japan University :
    Tech + SDGs
  • Course Duration : 5 Months
  • Prior knowledge: None
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    About CodeTots

    【Deru Deru学院の教育理念】 「絶対教育」 Deru Deru学院の教育理念として掲げる「絶対教育」は、タゴールの「全人教育」、イ ンドの真理を研究し続け、提唱する教育の柱です。 Yes,I,Can Yes,I,Do 新らしい地球文明の到来が加速する今、未来を担う子どもたちは、感覚器官を超えて、宇 宙の真理とつながり、個の内に存在する天性の芽をだし、自己力を確立し、与えられてい る脳力、個力を発揮し、絶対幸福を創造する地球文明リーダーの育成にあります。 「絶対教育」は、「円融三諦」三諦(3つの真理)空、仮、絶が完全に溶け合って生まれる 我・アートマン育成を「絶対教育」として目指します。 我アートマンとして、Yes,I、Can、Yes、I、Do Deru Deru学院は、日本とインドの叡智、精神、哲学、真理、技術をもち、SDGsを 実現するYes I Can Yes I Do「絶対者リーダー」を育成します。 日印こそ実現できるビジョンです。

    Coding For Kids

    Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math,writing, and confidence


    1. Where are we located? We are located in Yokohama, it takes 2 min walk from Nihon Odori Station. 〒231-0021, 11th Floor Nihonodori , Naka-ku , Yokohama, Japan

    2. How do the lesson go?Individual and group lesson
    2 Times/week
    1 Time/ week
    ➔Lesson Duration : 60 Minutes

    3. What do we need for class? Laptop and Curiosity. No Prior Knowledge needed.

    4. Which age group can join the course? We offer courses from 5 to 20 years old students.
    5. Where are our teachers from? Japanese Expert for professional batch, for beginners & advance batch - India & Japan.
    6. Do we have particular time line for the course? Only for Professional batch the course is conducted twice a year. March & July.

    What will you learn in our complete course

    1. SDGs Program offers opportunities for children to learn to “think globally and act locally”
    2..The essentials of coding: Logic, Structure, Sequence
    3.Creative Outcomes in every class
    4..How to create Websites, Animations & Apps aim for SDGs
    5.Professional Batch : Japan has an incredible record of technology based innovations, many being famous like High speed bullet trains (Shinkansen Series), automobile (hybrid engines), electronics (Walkman, video games), handheld devices (first color screen mobiles phones), bridges and tunnels, anti-seismic buildings, washlets, delivery services, efficient vending machines, and many others for hands on learning for students.

    Let's Connect

    Want to know more? We’d love to talk. Say hello via email hello@codetots.com or give us a ring at +81 8037171404 and let’s connect!

    real testimonials

    What They
    Say About Our

    Emilia Clarke
    I included the coding program in our school, to give students an opportunity to be more computer friendly. Last year has already made us familiar with the importance of computers. It’s more of a necessity then a luxury or option today. My experience with code tots has been great. My students have been enjoying learning coding through them. At the end of each class , I can see the kids feeling a sense of achievement with regards to their work . Codetots teachers are friendly and are able to connect with children easily. They are always on time for their sessions. They are able to provide useful feedback about the students. The whole team of code tots seems highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work. It’s been a pleasure working with them.
    Mrs. Bharti Chandiramani
    Principal - Yokohama Sai International School
    Emilia Clarke
    With CodeTots, we put great emphasis on helping students understand Japanese technology, culture and society, down to the details of business etiquette in Japan. We believe that this is an essential part of our teaching method that can be the decisive factor when it comes to having a successful career in Japan.
    Sharmila Shaw
    Principal - Mighty Minds
    Emilia Clarke
    I am satisfied with their teaching method and the attention they give to my kid. I would recommend every parent to go with CodeTots
    Preeti Sinha